Robert McNail

Robert McNail

Robert McNail enjoys working with children and wants to help build a better world for them.  He believes getting a college education is the way he’s going to achieve a more successful life, and he’s studying social and behavioral science to give him more knowledge about helping others. 

Robert chose West Kentucky Community and Technical College because it was close to home, has smaller class sizes, and has faculty and staff that provide him with guidance to keep him on track. 

“One of the best things about WKCTC is they way you know all your teacher’s names and they know yours. It allows for real relationships to be built between students and faculty.”

Robert has been involved with TRIO Student Support Services since he came to WKCTC in spring 2013.  He said he never would have done as well in his math class had it not been for TRIO.  “This service is a great thing and if you can be a part of it, I would recommend it to anyone.”

Being a Student Ambassador comes naturally to Robert. His outgoing personality helps him to make many new friends.  He is an avid runner and vice president of the WKCTC Running Club.  And as an ambassador and club officer, Robert takes every opportunity to meet new people and answer any questions they might have about the college. 

When asked if he had any advice for future college students, Robert said they should “come be a part of a family where the teachers work to see you succeed.  I know that when I go to a to a four-year institution. I will have no problem being successful.”