Greetings from Dr. Belinda A. Dalton-Russell

Belinda A. Dalton-RussellFrom an early age I was taught to put the principles of giving into practice by accepting opportunities to volunteer. I learned the importance of advocating and supporting programs, organizations, and people who strengthen our community. Volunteering has enabled me to build a healthy spirit, conscious mind, and a compassionate heart. It has taught me the importance of understanding and educating myself about the challenges of the community and how we can learn, grow, and thrive by working together.

I teach the Service Learning (GEN 120) course on the WKCTC campus, and also developed and coordinate the college's Student Ambassador Program. The focus of the GEN 120 course and Student Ambassador Program is to educate students of the importance of volunteering and giving back to the community through structured and community-based volunteer work. Students selected as ambassadors are required to enroll and successfully complete GEN 120. The course is open to all students who desire to experience the power of giving and to make sense of the world around us by taking in new information and negotiating meaning out of those interactions.

Volunteerism, through this course, offers a true understanding of the campus and community culture. The course assists in preparing students for their journey in life and fostering strong leadership skills. Volunteering builds a sense of purpose and a chance to help the community and individuals through the development of compassion, increased self-confidence and self-worth, also improving communication skills. Whether you currently volunteer or would like to begin volunteering, you can earn three hours of college level credits, which can be used toward free electives.

For more information contact Dr. Belinda A. Dalton-Russell, Vice President of Student Development, at (270) 534-3081 or Tamara K. Hodges, administrative assistant to the vice president of student affairs, at (270) 534-3069. To register for the Service Learning (GEN 120) course, contact the Master Advising Center, first floor, room 106 in the Anderson Technical Building at WKCTC at (270) 534-3408. What are you waiting for?