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accelerating opportunity

Accelerating Opportunity

In one year or less, you can go further than you ever dreamed.
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Kentucky adults will be able to train for better-paying jobs and for better futures faster.

Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky has been designed for you if:

  • You want to raise scores in math, reading, or writing
  • You are enrolled in Developmental or Transitional classes
  • You are seeking a GED
  • You want a new job in a year or less
  • You want to advance in your current career


You are interested in:

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accelerating opportunityAccelerating Opportunity Kentucky (AOKY)

  • is helping low-skilled students become college and career ready at an accelerated pace, allowing them to earn market bearing credentials quicker
  • uses a team teaching approach where basic skills and study skills are taught along with the chosen occupational/technical program
  • provides participants with additional support from a success coach and a career coach
  • allows students without a high school diploma or GED® to earn a GED® while enrolled in AOKY
  • brings students to the college who may not otherwise have enrolled
  • provides a clear pathway to a career that includes a short-term credential that allows the student to become employed upon completing the program or allows them to pursue additional credentials
  • drives economic growth by aligning training and education to industry needs that lead to family-sustaining jobs in high demand fields
  • is building a pipeline to better jobs

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Gwen TaylorGwen Taylor, Project Coordinator
Accelerating Opportunity
 Anderson Technical Building - Room 111