Students and Instructor in Industrial Chemical Technology program.

Industrial Chemical Technology

NOTE:  This program will not be accepting new students for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Move ahead of the crowd. 

The nuclear, chemical, and power industries in western Kentucky have thousands of applicants for entry level positions as process operators each year. Move yourself ahead of the crowd with technical training and a degree that is applicable to each of these industries.

The Industrial Chemical Technology program provides technical instruction that is specific to systems and processes present within these industries. The program also provides a strong educational base with general college and technical core courses. Graduates will have the diverse skill set needed to be successful working in a nuclear, chemical, or power plant environment.

The program utilizes curriculum developed by the Gulf Coast Process Technology Alliance. This curriculum is used extensively in similar technical and community college programs throughout Texas and Louisiana.   Check out our flyer

Credential Opportunities


• Industrial Chemical Technology – Process Technician Track 

Length of Program

Day classes and some evening classes are offered during two 16–week semesters (August-December and January- May) and during the summer each academic year.  The Associate of Applied Science degree may be attainable through successful completion of course work over a two-year period.

Admission Requirements

There are no special admission requirements for this program.  Please consult WKCTC's general admission requirements.

Industry Related Associations

North American Process Technology Alliance (NAPTA)

Contact Information

Celia Reese, Program Coordinator

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