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Frequently Asked Questions

2 dental assisting students

When do I apply?

The application deadline for either program is March 1. Applications for dental assisting will be submitted to West Kentucky Community and Technical College and applications for dental hygiene will be submitted to Henderson Community College.

What is unique about how dental assisting classes are delivered?

Distance Learning: instructors will be able to provide educational materials to students by way of instructional television.

Participating sites: West Kentucky Community and Technical College and Henderson Community College.

Combined learning experiences for the dental assisting and dental hygiene students. Six of the courses required for completion of the dental assisting program and the dental hygiene program have been identified as being so similar in nature that they can easily be integrated into either program.

How much do dental assistants earn?

Dental Assistant:

The national wage range is $15.95 per hourĀ - $18.00 per hour.
The regional wage range is $14.65 per hour - $15.39 per hour.

How many students are accepted at each site?

West Kentucky Community and Technical College  12 Dental Assisting  6 Dental Hygiene 
Henderson Community College  4-6 Dental Assisting 6 Dental Hygiene

Do I have to attend a pre-admission conference?

Yes. Verification of attendance at a pre-admission conference  (either online or ITV) must be on file. Pre-admission conferences are offered the 3rd Wednesday of each month from September - January (excluding December).  If you are unable to attend a pre-admission conference, you can view the online pre-admission conference presentation.