Student Government Association

The goal of the Student Government Association at West Kentucky Community & Technical College is to create knowledge, interest and participation in college affairs among students.  The WKCTC SGA is made up of students elected by students to represent and serve the entire student body.  SGA furnishes a representative body of students to reflect the opinions of the student body at large and provides a medium through which student opinions may be presented to WKCTC faculty and/or administration.  In addition, SGA is an integral part of Student Activities and they support many educational, social and cultural programs throughout the year.

SGA is made up elected executive officers and representatives from each recognized student organization.  SGA elections are held every spring semester and the terms are for one academic year.

SGA Officers

Chelsea Rollins, President

Daniel Hurt, Vice President

Jacob Scott, Secretary/Treasurer

Maribel Phelps, Public Relations

2014 – 2015 SGA Meetings

  • All meetings will be held in the Student Center Club room at 11 a.m. 
  • All students are welcome to attend.
  • Each student organization should have at least one representative present at each meeting to report what is happening with their organizations

Meeting Dates

  • Wednesday, September 3
  • Wednesday, October 1
  • Wednesday, November 5
  • Wednesday, February 4
  • Wednesday, March 4
  • Wednesday, April 1

The Student Government Association is always striving to incorporate new activities and events within our traditional event calendar.  If you are interested in becoming involved with Student Government, please contact:

Amy Elmore                or            Chris Brown
270-534-3118                            270-534-3367