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202nd Army Band Performing in Area

Jul 01 - 04, 2011

The Kentucky National Guard’s award-winning 202nd Army Band will be performing a two-week concert series in the Purchase Area ending July 4 at the City of Paducah’s Annual July 4 celebration.  The forty-piece band, led by Chief Warrant Officer Greg Stepp, includes an array of skillful musicians who form a rock band, jazz combo, marching band, Dixieland band, woodwind quintet, and brass quartet. Below is the schedule of performances in our area:

  • July 1 -- 7:00 pm Benton, KY (Rock Band)
    7:00 pm Noble Park, Paducah (Dixieland Band)
  • July 2 --  8:30 am, Freedom Fest Parade, Murray (Marching Band)
    12:00 pm, Freedom Fest Stage, Murray (Brass Quartet)
  • July 3 -- 6:00 pm, Lake Barkley SRP Lodge (Brass Quartet)
    6:00 pm, Lake Barkley SRP Beach (Dixieland Band)
    8:00 pm, Lake Barkley SRP Beach (Concert Band)
  • July 4-- 6:30 pm, July 4 celebration, Paducah Riverfront (Jazz Combo)

The 202nd Army Band currently is recruiting additional performers and musicians who want to serve Kentucky and their country. The soldiers come from all walks of life from students and teachers to health care professionals and businessmen and women. For more information about U.S. Army Bands, visit

For more information about Parks-sponsored events, visit the Parks Department section of the Paducah's website or call 444-8508.