Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education

Are you energetic, patient, and caring?  Do you want to work in a lively and creative environment?  As an early childhood professional you can influence the development of children during their most impressionable years.  Working in the early childhood field allows you to invest yourself in the future!  Being an early childhood educator provides you an opportunity to help assure that each child is provided with the essentials needed to become successful.

In the IECE program you will gain an understanding of the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development of children from birth through age five.  Topics of discussion include growth and development, health, safety, curriculum planning, assessment, and family involvement.   Check out our flyer.



Admissions Requirements

There are no special admission requirements for this program. Please consult WKCTC's general admission requirements.

Additional Opportunities

The Division of Child Care in Kentucky also acknowledges your educational advancement by offering additional certifications based on your education. Contact the Early Childhood Professional Development Counselor at 270-534-3459 for more information.

The Council of Professional Recognition in Washington D. C. also issues a CDA (Child Development Associate) based on submission of a portfolio, work experience, and the coursework you receive upon completion of the Child Care Assistant Certificate. Mini-grants are available through the Early Childhood Scholarship if you meet eligibility requirements. Contact the Early Childhood Professional Development Counselor at 270-534-3459 for more information.

Employment Opportunities

Employment opportunities for persons with a CDA credential are available in public and private preschools, Early Start, Head Start, early intervention programs, and corporate-sponsored child care facilities.

IECE Scholarship and Funding Opportunities

The Early Childhood Development Scholarship is available for students who meet certain eligibility requirements.  This scholarship is a non-repayable tuition scholarship, and is only available to students in the Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education program who are employed 20 hours a week in a child care program.  For more information contact the Early Childhood Professional Development Counselor at 270-534-3459.

Contact Information

Greta Henry, IECE Program Coordinator

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